Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday Night

A friend wanted to see the silk scarves that I dyed a couple days ago so here they are. I love how they turned out! There are 3 scarves, not 5.

I wasn't very productive in my studio last night. The little girls needed baths so I took them out to the studio with me. Discovered we have a leak. When the tub drains, no leak. When water goes down the overflow part, we have a leak into the garage. I'm guessing the leak is in that part of the tub. It's probably rusted out or something.

After the girls were bathed and bundled up, I tried to get some photos for etsy. As I said, I didn't get much done! The girls needed one thing or another the whole time we were out there. Lily kept wanting to put stuff in my photo tent. Like her bear! I did get a few good pics of the pink unpaper towels I made sometime last week.

I also had another little 'friend' who wanted to hang out in the tent. It's hard to gauge size based on this pic but let me assure you he was HUGE. bleck!

Bear with me while I work on my blog layout. I'm having a hard time finding a layout that works well for me. My previous one had so much wasted space on the sides. This one isn't working for me either. It's such a pain to get the pics where I want them!

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Knit Kimber Knit said...

those are so pretty!! One of these days when I wake up at a decent hour I am going to go to the market and check them out in person..

That is also a very handsome kitty you have there... He looks so soft, I love this piercing eyes!