Sunday, May 24, 2009

New things

We had a half sleep over last night. Sophie, one of my twins' friends, came over for a sleepover. We ended up calling her mom around 11 p.m. Oh well, maybe next time. (Kendall was upset that it wasn't a full sleep over.)

Sophie's mom is really super sweet. She loves shopping at thrift stores and she always brings me treasures from her searches. Once it was an awesome knitting book. Yesterday it was an incredibly cool piece of vintage fabric. I love it and there's a lot of it, 4 yards I think! It's screaming wrap skirt to me. Or maybe aprons. Or both! It has a nice weight to it.

Our neighbor Lisa is fostering 4 baby kittens whose mama was run over on Park Street a while back. There are 4 of them and she keeps hinting that they need a home. She keeps them on her front porch and my children love to go visit them. This little fella is my favorite one! We have borrowed him (with her permission) a couple times and I have a strong feeling that he's ours. Isn't he sweet???


RainyDayArt said...

so cute!

Patti said...

Almost congratulations on the potential future furry family addition.
Thanks for the blog comment. I've been enjoying the raw butter, buttermilk & milk > a new experience for my household.
I enjoyed viewing your blog & store. That serger was a great find. Woohoo! :-)