Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baffled, bewildered and downright thankful

My little business is growing my by leaps and bounds. It started one week ago when I listed my first set of unbleached unpaper towels on Etsy. Since then my sales have exploded. I can't believe how much need there was for such a simple idea....a paper towel replacement that feels and acts more like a paper towel then anything else out there. I created my version of the unpaper towel based on personal need. I wanted to stop buying paper towels. We were spending over $30 a month on paper towels!

My first few attempts were sort failures because the suggested fabrics (flannel, woven prints, etc) ) didn't really work like a paper towel, they sort of pushed the water around. When I came across my stash of diaper-making fabric, an idea was born and I made a whole stash of unpaper from birdseye fabric last summer. It was only then, that my dh gave me permission to stop buying paper towels. Success!

And I have been slowly building my business over the past 9-10 months. Sales were coming but at the rate of 1-2 or maybe 3 in a week. In the past week, between Etsy and the Art's Market, I have sold over 70 sets of either my unpaper towels or my flannel cloths!!!

I am thrilled and a bit giddy. I'm already reinvesting back into my company so that I can be more efficient. My husband built me a 3x6 foot cutting table and set it on top of 3 new cabinets. I also purchased a new huge self healing cutting mat that covers the entire surface! Other couple weeks of great sales and I'll be looking for an industrial serger!


Jackie said...

Congratulations! What good news for your business! I know you're enjoying it! I looked for you at RAM 2 weeks ago but that was your off weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit green at the thought of that huge cutting mat. Congratulations!


ruthee... said...

I am really so very happy for you. You really have found a niche!