Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sick kids

I finally got some new stuff listed on etsy. I've had some requests for color unpaper towels so I tried to oblige. And before I could get the last set photographed, my camera battery died. And where might my charger be??? The last time I saw it was in the stairwell hallway. In it's place was a bug/rodent-scaring-away-ultrasonic-electronic thingy we got from MIL. My 6 year daughter plugged it in a couple days ago. I've looked in many a nook and cranny and can't find the charger. It must have found my FIRST battery charger and they ran away and eloped, I'm guessing.

So now battery charger number 3 is on it's way to me. (Hey, the alternative was to clean the whole house from top to bottom, moving furniture and whatnot and hoping it showed up.)

Today is day number 4 of torrential rainfall. I'm thankful for the cool down in temperature but I am not happy with the cold wetness. It also messed with my productivity. I eventually broke down and strung 2 makeshift clotheslines inside the garage. Doesn't dry the fabric as well as sunshine but it better then using the clothes dryer and then having to iron all the way down the edges of my fabric.

My 6 year old son stayed home from school yesterday with a tummy bug. And he was kind enough to pass it to his younger sister so she's the sickie today. We had 2 baths and 3 outfit changes before noon. She started crying that her tummy hurt and I picked her up...just as the doobell rang repeatedly. It was the mailman. He had packages for me! I always love getting packages! Just as he was handing me over the boxes, he said 'Oh, she's not feeling well.' I thought, 'Wow, he's perseptive, especially for a guy.' Then I casually look down and see that my toddler is puking scrambled eggs all over the rug and door thresh hold, about 8 inches away from his feet. Oh my! I tossed my boxes inside and started stripping her for bath number 3. And for some unknown reason, I just started laughing. Not because she's sick, no that's not funny at all.

The funny part was that I have spent the day trying to get her happy and situated so that I could go sew. I have a customer waiting on a custom set and quite a few unpaper towel orders from late last night and early today that need to go out the door ASAP. And life just told me that I am not in control and I just need to stop worrying about orders for a bit and just hold my baby girl until she feels better.

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Jackie said...

I hope everyone in your family feels better soon and that no more get sick!

But I must admit that when you mentioned her throwing up 8 inches away from his foot, I immediately thought of your trip to Joanns! The postman was luckier than he thought! :)