Sunday, May 3, 2009

Latest Happenings

Our house is off the market!! It is no longer available. And I am ecstatic. I want to stay here after all. I have such a feeling of peace about it. The kids are pretty excited, too. DH put my clothesline back up yesterday! No more worrying about how things look from a potential buyer's standpoint!!! I am relieved and thankful that we will continue to live here. It doesn't have everything on our wish list but it is a lovely house to raise our children in. Hip Hip Hurray!

And speaking of markets, this one being the arts market....I know I promised pics of my booth. It didn't happen. Well, my helper, 6 year old Kendall, did get a few random shots which I've included. The only thing I can say is that I was incredibly busy from the moment I got there until my dh came to help me pack up at the end of the day. And my brilliant idea from the below blog? Not so brilliant when it has wheels and the entire market is slightly sloped. Add some wind gusts and I had no choice but to position it at the back of my booth against a curb. And that meant that I sold virtually nothing from it. Well, a few things but not much! The things that sold were the items that were prominently displayed at the front of my booth, my unpaper towels. And the plain ones sold out within a couple hours! My display board was great for drawing people in but it kept getting blown over.

I did better then I expected! I know that some of the artists around me were not too pleased at the end of the day so I am assuming they didn't sell much. I'm guessing they probably had higher priced items. Even better then my sales were the custom orders that came in. One has the potential of being HUGE. yeah! And in general, I enjoyed the day, meeting people and chatting. It was a lot of fun! The sun beating down on me was not fun! I took my earnings and ordered a craft canopy from ebay. So I'll be shaded next time. Phew!

I made a decision NOT to do the market every Saturday so that we can have some family time. So, this weekend was off - I'll be back next.

This last picture was as I was packing up to leave and dh and the other children came to 'help.' (That really means they tried to run out into the market area and get run over by cars/trucks as other vendors were driving through the market to go home!)

Want to see what 200 yards of birdseye fabric looks like??

It's heavy! This is my almost 9 year old son TRYING to lift it. I think it would squash him if it happened to fall over on him!

My amazing dh designed and made a wall mounted fabric rolling system for me. It works beautifully and was very inexpensive! Sorry for the lousy photo, one of the kids secretly switched my camera to manual focus and it took me too long to figure it out!

And the last tidbit that I want to share is a postcard that I made for an art show in St Petersburg, FL. I used scraps from my recent tie dyeing session and I crazy quilted them together. It's not perfect...the card is not perfectly rectangular and that bothers me a wee bit. But, it's what happened when I work on a project at midnight. And it's 'art' so it's ok, right???

If you want to enter your own postcard, check out this website...

(Click on the 3rd banner to see the details about the PSPS09 art show.)

And a big thank you to Jennifer from for telling me about it. Jenn makes LOVELY crocheted flowers that can be used as a brooch or as a decoration for a handbag or whatever you can dream of. I bought several to embellish my lovely traveling scarf. (And yes, I know how to crochet but I couldn't resist Jenn's lovely flowers!)


iWunder said...

I LOVE the postcard!! Marina will be so excited, I need to send her the link to your blog right now!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your first outing at the market was so successful!! Congratulations!