Saturday, June 27, 2009


We drove up to Massanutten, Virginia for a mini-vacation and our annual reunion with hubby's 3 sisters and their families. We rented a huge 7 bedroom house. The set up here is actually perfect. The kids can go outside and I don't have to freak out...well, if you forget about the gigantic black bear that was sighted down the road. So other then THAT, and the fact that we are the side of of a mountain, it feels safe. hehe

The car ride went OK. Started with Lily screaming and ended with her screaming. Ear plugs for everyone just might be a purchase for the trip home.

We have had a really nice time. I can't believe I contemplated missing this to work on orders. What was I thinking?? I do need this. I love my dh's family, his sisters and my nieces/nephews. They are all so good to my kids. It's just easy. Everyone gets along.

I brought my tie dye stuff and a bunch of blanks that I had ordered and we had a day of tie dyeing. I did the prep work and the clean up and the everyone did their own shirt. Not knowing everyone's sizes, I ordered extras and I intend to offer those for sale, at the Riverside Arts Market or perhaps my etsy store. I love tie dyeing! It's so satisfying, hard work but satisfying.

The shirts curing in plastic bags.
A few of the family shirts.
These are the extras!

Gotta go! They are returning from the water park and it's dinner time!

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T Sharee said...

Hey you won a blog giveaway on my blog. Give me a minute to post it and then please contact the shop owner to set up shipping info. Thanks for entering. Don't forget to send me a pic of your item so I can post it!!! Tiff