Monday, June 22, 2009

My studio

I spent some time this afternoon cleaning my studio and rearranging things to better fit the industrial serger. This is what I ended up with.

It makes me so much happier to work in a clean space! My cutting table is right behind me as I took the picture. It has bits of fabric still on the floor so I didn't take a picture. Just pretend the whole workspace is neat and clean and I won't show pics of the kitchen or bathroom. They aren't terrible, terrible but they aren't organized either.

And here is my latest tool, a used electric rotary cutter. It cuts like butter. Fairly easy to use and it saves my body a ton of wear and tear. That doesn't even address how quickly I was going through rotary blades! This thing has a self-sharpener. I am scared though because there is no safety mechanism and no off switch. So, I will have to be UBER cautious if I'm using it and the kids come to visit me.

I spent the past 3 days prepping fabric, cutting and organizing my work space. Now I am ready to crank out some orders. :) I am thankfukl that my orders slowed down. It was getting to be overwhelming especially since we have our vacation coming up in a few days. Now I feel like I can relax on vacation and tackle undone things when we get back.

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Jackie said...

What a clean space! You must tell us your secret for keeping it that way!

Looking forward to hearing about your vacation adventures!