Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dear Paas

I just wanted to write to let you know about our recent experience with your Marble Magic craft activity egg decorating kit. First of all, good job of sucking me in. I thought the Marble Magic must have been worth double the price of the plain ole egg decorating kit. So maybe you don't have kids or maybe you didn't actually test this product with kids. No fear, I'll share my review.

I found your directions to be less then clear. We wanted to do the marble technique so my eyes jumped right to that bold section. It told me to 'Add 3 Tablespoons of oil to the color baths.' OK, back up and make color baths, which I did. Then I added the 3 TBL of oil to each color per your directions. That's 3 TBL x 12 colors. What a waste! And the results were less then spectacular since the oil coated the eggs as we dipped spite of our rigorous stirring.

So now AFTER the fact, I understand that I should have dyed all the eggs and then selected a few colors for the marbling. But as I read back through your written instructions, no where did it tell me that.

And if the waste wasn't enough, I ended up with super greasy eggs that dripped pools of oil as they 'dried.' I had to remove each egg and wipe the excess grease off and then clean the greasy mess left on the counter.

Bad idea for a product with less then clear instructions. Next year, I'm going with the .99 box.

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