Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Changes Around Here

Over the past week, we have been transitioning the children back into public school. (Yes, three quarters into the school year.) There were lots of factors that went into the decision and it was not something that we entered into lightly. One of the factors is that I just can't kick start my new business while caring for and homeschooling 5 children. Well, maybe if I locked myself into the office and let them fend for themselves for 6 hours a day. ;) Trying to do business research and making phone call inquiries while I was constantly interrupted by children who thought I MUST know *right* then that my toddler lobbed a potato at their head? haha Another factor is that my personal motivation to be a homeschooling family has been waning in recent months. I have found myself craving time without my delightfully inquisitive and generally wonderful children.

Our 12 year old daughter has been championing for a chance to attend our local middle school for a couple months. This was prompted once she refound an old friend Emily, a neighborhood girl that goes to the same school and apparently loves it. So Mia started school last week. And luck was on our side when Mia was placed in ALL of Emily's classes. Mia has been ecstatic about school and her report has been all glowing...although I would be remiss if I failed to mention how moody she has been outside of school.

One of Mia's new classes is band and she needed a instrument. She picked the flute. I had a slightly hilarious interaction with a music store employee where I learned that a new flute would cost $895. {yikes!} I was thinking it would be under $100! That was a bit eye opening. My darling husband came to the rescue and found a used flute on craigslist for $100.

My oldest son, Greyson, started 3rd grade at the local elementary school last week. He went there for K - most of 2nd grade so he knows the drill. Turns out that he was assigned an amazing male teacher, Mr. H. So far, so good. And Greyson is in the same class as a few old friends, like Max, Mia's cousin whom we all claim, too. I think that helps. He has enjoyed his time at school so far, especially lunch and recess. There is some confusion with the school about how they will pass him at the end of the year, since Greyson didn't take the required standardized testing.

My twins were placed in separate kindy classes yesterday. There are 2 classes. One has the super sweet, very patient Mrs. H who has 2 of my twin's preschool friends. We decided that even though we know Kendall would have a great time in this class, that it really would be a better fit for Ethan who is struggling with reading and with following directions in general. (Really I wish both kids could be in Mrs. H's class.) I also figured that Kendall would fit in anywhere and would still do OK in the other class.

Both the twins were really excited about starting school but their excitement was a bit tempered when they came home. They didn't realize that the day would be so long. And Kendall was distraught when she found out that tattle-tellers get in trouble. (She didn't but she witnessed another tattle-teller getting reprimanded.) Ethan said his day was a little good and a little bad. Kendall reported that her day was good but later, at bedtime, she was a little teary and she told me that she wanted to be homeschooled again. That made me tear up because I fully expected her to LOVE school. Maybe it would have been different if she had been in Mrs. H's class with her 2 little friends. I am a little miffed that Ethan and Kendall didn't get to play outside together during recess like I had been told they would. Turns out that the 2 kindy classes aren't as synched as I had been told. ugg

With all the kids in school, it left me at home with our 2 year old. The day went remarkably smooth. I was able to do some deep cleaning and Lily helped. I didn't have to stop to feed lunch to 5 kids. I didn't have to remind kids not to step on the wet kitchen floor. I was able to take pictures of new product for my etsy store. I was also able to register my fictictional name AND apply for a tax id number, things that required me to read and comprehend a lot of fine print to ensure I was setting it up correctly. And dinner was in the oven when the hubby came home. A good day.

The evening did get chaotic with homework and reading logs to be completed. And 2 of the older children sporadically fell alseep before bedtime. This will be the trade-off, I suppose.

On the creative front, this is what I have been working on...

This represents a good portion of what started as 20 yards of birdseye fabric. I hand dyed the fabric with professional grade fiber reactive dye using a low water immersion technique. Then I permanetly set the color, washed, dried and ironed the fabric. Then I cut it to size and serged the edges forming unique and funky towels. They can be kitchen towels, hung from the oven door and used for drying hands or dishes. Or they can be hand towels. These will be available this Saturday at the Riverside Arts Market.

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