Friday, May 9, 2008


My poor blog. I had high hopes and then I abandoned it. I have been creating...just not doing a good job of capturing and recording.

Some of my recently finished items:

My oldest child wanted a birthday present for her best friend. We gave her 2 American Girl dresses that I had sewn a while back with the intent of selling. These were ultra fancy dresses. While my dn was rushing around trying to prepare the package, I was kettle dying yarn for a swap. DN lamented that we had no appropriate wrapping paper or gift bags. I had an ah-ha moment and threw a playsilk into the dye pot which was nearly exhausted. It produced a beautiful light lavendery-burgundy with veins of slightly deeper colors. Once it was rinsed and dried, we wrapped it around the box and it made a stunning gift.

Drats - can't finish this now.

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Blossom said...

Come on..I need pics!!!!!!

pollywog ;)