Sunday, May 18, 2008

Can't leave home without it

We are heading out in a couple hours and I think I spent more time packing my wheel, fiber, yarn, knitting needles and pattern books then I did packing everything else. It's going to be a monster trip with loads and loads of driving time. Whee! DH does most of the driving so I'll be able to knit...and maybe even predraft fiber for my early morning spinning sessions while the kids are still sleeping in the camper.

We won't be staying at a campground tonight. Yep...we are going to try Wal-Mart camping. When dh told me about it, I thought he's been smoking crack or something. I like to save money and all but this sounded extreme! I did a bit of internet prove him wrong...and I even posted a poll on my parenting BB and people had seen and even done this before. I still thought he was nuts but with the rapidly increasing cost of fuel...I changed my mind. Our gas budget for this trip will be well over $1000!! Tonight is a good night for trying the walmart thing because we are driving as much as we can and then we will be leaving early tomorrow for day 2 of driving.

First destination? New York City!! Well, we aren't camping in NYC. We are camping as close as we can get and then we will take the train into the city. I'm beyond excited. The kids are also excited. My oldest was excited but now she's panicking about the crowds. She's convinced we are going to get separated. I'm a wee bit concerned but I think we can handle it.

I hope to have internet access along the way so I can post my fibery progress.

Oh oh! I can't forget about the spin-in yesterday. Our local yarn store, Knit-Witz, had a spin-in. My dh was gracious enough to 'allow' me to attend even though we were no where near ready for our trip. I had a great time. My spinning is getting better!! The green yarn is blue faced leiceister wool that I dyed with kool-aid, spun on my ladybug and then plied. I love it! The gals kept calling it BRIGHT. LOL I don't really think it's all that bright...more sherberty then neon.
Chris from Sugarbee Studios brought lots of fiber porn for us to touch and buy. I picked out a One Night Stand fiber batt named Nate. Man, he's hot and has awesome baby blues. I thought I was going to pick Collin but Nate stole my heart. I can't wait to spin him up! I also picked up a bag of her squishy raspberries & cream roving with merino/corri/wool & silk. And she brought me the 'It's All About the O' sock yarn that I bought from her etsy website site last week. I'm in fiber heaven. Now I just need to take my time and get better at spinning so that I can spin and then knit something with this yummy stuff.


Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I can just see you knitting your way up the Eastern Seaboard. I'll be interested to hear how Wal*Mart goes. We have a popup trailer and I've never seen one of them at our local WM, although I'd definitely overnite there in a hybrid. Still getting up my courage . . . .

Katie in NM

Anonymous said...

LOL What is walmart camping??? I am off to google!!! :) Fiber porn rocks my world! I am drooling here! :)

Uli said...

Wow.... that sounds like a great trip. Have fun in the WM parking lot. :-) I've heard about people doing that.

Love the fibre shot with the steering wheel. I'm just like you when I pack for holidays. :-)

Blossom said...

ohhhh your wool has me drooling!!!
I'm taking the girls to a spinning exhibition tomorrow,.