Monday, September 8, 2008

Malabrigo, Baby!

Today was a good mail day. :D

10 skeins of natural malabrigo
2 skeins of geranio
10 skeins of oceanos which is so freakin pretty it makes me cry!

Yep, 22 skeins of yarn. Mmmm.malabrigo no less. And I have no idea where to begin. The blue was sorta supposed to be for a sweater for dh. But now that I have it...I was something for myself! Maybe he can get gloves and a scarf?? Right?

I bought the natural to dye...but I'm not feeling like that right now. I may sell it to help me raise money for my next obsession!

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Mommy Bean said...

Mmmmmmm....looks delish!