Thursday, July 24, 2008

A confession

This is really hard for me to admit but I feel compelled to confess a deep dark secret. There was a time, many years ago that my sewing adventures involved sewing vests from pre-printed panels. :'( I know, I know. It's just horrible! There's just no defense for it even though this was 14-15 years ago. My co-workers even paid me to sew vests for them and their family members. It was insane. There were Christmas vests and Halloween vests, Back to School vests and even a Noah's Ark vest.

This next sewing project relates to those awful, awful vests. I still have scraps of fabric in my stash from those vests, mostly the coordinating fabrics used for lining. Tonight's feature was created using the navy lining from the Noah's Ark vest that is long. long gone. As in probably in a landfill gone!

Navy background, animal print twirl skirt with brown grosgrain ribbon trim and attached korker ribbon 'bow' made from ribbon that I made. Well, I didn't make the ribbon but I wrapped it around dowels and baked it and then I heat sealed the ends.

I must say I think it turned out great! I think it's about a size 18 months, possibly 2T and I think it's destined to be sold. I'm feeling a desire to open my own cart. :-X


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you had me laughing at my computer as I read your confession. I don't think I ever knew how people got those thematic vests and now I know--PANELS!

Katie in NM

Kim said...

Cute, cute, cute! Oh, and I had a couple of "those" vests, back in the day ~ lol! Along with Christmas themed sweaters. GAG!

It's a good thing that poor fashion choices are a hallmark of growing up, eh?

Love ya, girl!