Monday, June 16, 2008

No crafting blues

I've got the no crafting blues in a bad way. Things have been chaotic with MIL's move. DH has spent virtually every non-working moment at her house since we got back from vacation. that means I have been a single parent. The 4 oldest kids are fine but my baby girl is high maintenance! I have come to really rely on the break I get when dh is home. I don't even see an end in sight because we finally realized that time is not on our side and dh rented a storage unit today. That means that we get the pleasure of paying $100 a month until we can deal with each and every box. I think I mentioned how slow MIL is at looking through stuff. DH is even worse! We went over there to pack yesterday and he kept bringing me stuff from his childhood to look at. He would look through every page of the photo albums and then show me and tell me about every relative. I love a walk down memory lane but not when it means that we don't have time to sort stuff...and then have to pay for a storage unit. I'm a quick processor. I've always been able to make quick decisions and the slow decision-making people drive me a little batty. lovely sewing pictures to share. I've been sorting through boxes. No knitting progress either. I've just got a big mess of a house that needs to be reaaranged and cleaned in prep for the new stuff we have inherited from MIL. wah wah wah I think I'm going to explode.

At the very least, I *will* be going to my LYS knit in this weekend. The thought of that just might tide me over a few more days...until I can get a 'hit' of creativeness.


Blossom said...

ackkkkk you poor thing........
no crafting.I would go nuts!!!

I do hope you get out to your LYS.

aussie hugs

Anonymous said...

My mom seems to be in a "don't make it hard on the kids when I go" frame of mind lately and bless her heart, she is going through closets and shelves and files yet again to thin things out. Now my dad's barn is quite another story altogether. Can you say, "country estate sale"??

Katie in NM

brogansmomma said...

How did things go? It definitely is frustrating when people won't just leave you alone and let you do what you're needing/wanting to do. LOL