Monday, December 24, 2007

Knitting Ugly

It was pure torture finishing this project. I ran out of yarn and the new one that arrived from eBay was a totally diferent dye lot. Of course, I didn't know that when I ordered beause I had tossed the original tag thinking 1 skein would be enough. The new skein was pastely compared to the deep colors of the 1st skein. I thought about frogging it back to the color change and using darker sections of the new skein...but that would involve more work and I hate frogging so I just continued.

I stopped looking at the pattern somewhere around the time that I realized I had accidently done 5 knit rows instead of 4 in the last few sections. Whoops. Imperfect from another angle. Oh well...I knew the recipient wouldn't notice or care. I finished it, making it extra pointy. I then added a big pompom to use more of the 2nd skein.

I gave it to my 11 year old today, an early Christmas present. She LOVED it and refused to take it off even after she said it was a little itchy on her forehead. I think wool is itchy, too. It seems like all knitters love the stuff so I hope it grows on me. The hat suits her well. I'm glad I finished it.

Now what new project should I cast on?? I'm not feeling like working on my baby surprise jacket, the dreaded dishcloth or the 2nd sock to match the my first ever knitted sock. I have some lovely Peace Fleece begging to be touched so I think I must search ravelry for inspiration.

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Katie said...

Even though I'm picky, I'm like your 11 y/o--I wouldn't know there had been a problem with the yarn or the pattern unless it were pointed out.

When I was at the book store the other day I fingered through a couple of knitting books, thinking of you and another "Top 5 Blogger" who took up knitting. I wonder if I learned how if I'd keep it up?